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Personalized Family Book

How it started

Family Books reimagine picture books by transcending family and learning barriers in an exciting way. Our passion is awakening positive, loving, and critical relationships with family members that serve children as they face lifes’ challenges.

Color schemes are selected carefully, to be gentle on children’s eyes. We worked with children's optometrists and speech pathologists to ensure the pages are optimal for toddlers including - large fonts and image background removal to reduce distractions.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality photo books that not only kickstart young minds but also demonstrate the power of strong family connections.

Each Family Book is built to cherish forever. Preserve those precious moments of your youngest family members - that you can’t ever get back.

Family Books are the #1 educational tool to improve verbal reasoning, sight recognition, and bonds with family and friends!

Process of buying the “My Family Book”


Select Size, Color, Images and Captions

Select from the wide range of cover options and sizes of your “Family Book”.


Build your Book

We build your custom, one of a kind Family Book.


Delivered to your Home

Create new memories or go down memory lane as you enjoy your new Family Book with your loved ones!

They really love us

We love this book. Our Family Book clearly shows that everyone is someone. I like the way this book uses different colored backgrounds based on the image. The images really stand out. I also like that there are so many different ways to use the book and it can be used with many age groups.


My Family Book is so thoughtfully designed, it’s a truly amazing resource for children to learn about their family. The warm and colorful covers are very beautifully done. This book makes an outstanding contribution to any child’s bookshelf.


My 3 year old niece, who currently lives in California, absolutely treasures her Family Book. This was my way of communicating just how much she is loved from all the way away in Maine.


My families book came out beautifully, thank you!! The images really stand out compared to other board books we have ordered in the past.


The Perfect Gift

Family and friends are the greatest gift you can give your child - teach your children the most important people in their life with My Family Book